Name Links Last Updated OS Description
ESNES v0.14a 08/05/97
Discontinued DOS Lord ESNES and Ishmair made a great SNES emulator. It is written in assembly and has sound support, thanks to Ishmair's efforts. It was one of the best. Now, it has merged with NLKSNES to become NLKE.
NLKE v0.05b 01/01/00
Discontinued DOS ESNES and NLKSNES joined forces so the authors could work on one emulator together. NLKE was born. This emulator has all the features of ESNES along with the speed of NLKSNES. Transparencies are also available, although unoptimized rather slow. There's also a simple GUI as well. NLKE is better than many but ZSNES is faster and more compatibible.
NLKSNES v0.15d 09/16/97
Discontinued DOS This emulator was one of the fastest SNES emulators there was, and it even featured Mode7. There's no sound support, though. It merged with ESNES to because NLKE.
SNEeSe v0.80 (DOS)
v0.80 (Win) Source v0.80
05/19/03 DOS
This emulator can play many commercial games, and also has Mode7 scaling effects, along with HiROM support, decent sound, and more. It is written in a mix of C, C++ and assembly. Most emulation routines are done in assembly. It's quite slow, so brace yourself. It was discontinued by Savoury SnaX, but TRAC never stopped working on it, so private betas were still being released. This is one of only five active SNES emulators and is in 3rd place for best emulator overall.
SNem v0.02

Source v0.02
06/29/03 DOS
This brand new SNES emulator is very incomplete, only runs a few games and is for DOS. It's just above the level of USNES and is one of the few active SNES emulators. It's also open source. One to watch for progress.
SNEmul v0.9 08/02/99
Discontinued DOS SNEmul hasn't been updated in a long time now and is assumed to be discontinued. It has sound, decent compatibility, doesn't require VESA2 and has one of the best GUIs ever. This is a good emulator but nowhere near the quality of newer emulators.
SNEqr v0.340
Source v0.340
Discontinued DOS This emulator has been discontinued. It has some useful features, such as automatic state saving and cheat searching and a good GUI. However, it has medium compatibility and lacks sound, 16-bit color mode and other advanced features found in more popular emulators. The source code is available for anyone to look at and play around with.
Source v1.41-1


French v1.36

German v1.31






Snes9x's cpu is written in assembly, and its graphics engine and SPC700 engine are well optimized. Both versions sport very nice GUIs. Snes9x supports graphics modes 0-7, 2 joysticks, transparencies, Super FX support and has real time save/loading. This is now one of the best SNES emulators around, and it stands only second to ZSNES in terms of compatibility.
Snes9xGL v1.29 Beta 1 05/15/00 Windows Kreed has made a version of Snes9X which uses OpenGL instead of Glide to do fullscreen bilinear filtering. It looks nice, but there's no GUI.
Snes9x (Unofficial) Beta 9.9.7
Beta 9.9.7

Source Beta 9.9.4

Windows This is a unofficial version which is based on the sources from Snes9X 1.37c.
v0.103 (Japanese)
Windows SNESGT is a fairly new emulator from GIGO and Hii (who also made G-NES and TGB Dual). It's fairly advanced now and the GUI has been translated to English.
SNEShout v3.2 04/02/01
Discontinued Windows Based on the Snes9x (1.37) core, this emulator features a few few minor tweaks and one major improvment; SNES games cna be played using the Japanese version of ViaVoice. It comes with voice mappings for Street Fighter 2 and Puyo Puyo 2 but more can always be made. This version comes with the option of making the interface in Japanese, Chinese (BIG5), or English.
Super Pasofami v1.3a
Discontinued Windows Little is known about this emulator, except that it's in Japanese, it's crippleware (black and white video only until registered), it has no sound, and it's very unstable. It also hasn't been updated since 1996. Don't waste your time with this one.
TheSE v0.14b 07/31/98
Discontinued DOS TheSE, which stands for The SNES Emulator, is an emulator from the same team that created the now dead USNES. It hasn't been updated in a long time, the website is down and it's probably discontinued.
USNES v0.1b 04/27/97
Discontinued DOS If there is a more useless SNES emulator than VSMC this has to be it. It only had two releases, both which were slow and buggy. The USNES team is now programming the emulator TheSE, but progress on it seems to be stalled. This one is simply here for nostalgic reasons, as it only runs a few demos.
VSMC v9702d 10/21/96
Discontinued DOS VSMC was pretty good for its time, but many emulators cam out after it that were far better and free too. Now ZSNES and SNES 9x are in a completely different generation than this. Don't bother with it.


DOS v1.36
Windows v1.36



Source v1.31b

v1.09 Beta

DOS 9/01/03 WIP

Windows 9/01/03 WIP

Source 9/01/03 WIP











This is the current WIP of ZSNES by ipher, pagefault, and the rest of the WIP team.

This is the fastest SNES emulator in existence. It features all SNES screen modes as well as add/sub transparencies in 16 bit graphics mode (VESA2 support is required), mosaic effects, Super FX emulation (Star Fox, etc), DSP1 emulation (Mario Kart, etc), C4 emulation (MegaMan X2/3), real time saving, and a really great GUI
Check out the SourceForge site for a copy of the source code. is a multi-player service for ZSNES. uses a centralized server, which means everybody using it will be able to join your game. currently only supports the Windows version of ZSNES.
which lets you configure the emulator to your heart's content. It has interpolated sound, and it will really blow you away! It also supports the snes mouse, and has a slew of other options as well including movie recording and modem to modem netplay! zsKnight, _Demo_, and Pharos have certainly outdone themselves. This is the SNES emulator of choice!